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Women&Technologies was created in 2009 on an innovative idea of Gianna Martinengo aimed at promoting the value of women’s talents in technology, innovation and scientific research. The goal of the association is to promote actions and projects in order to challenge gender stereotypes and to provide a guidance to young people in facing the future job market, by providing entrepreneurial sustainable models.

We promote the exchange of experiences and know how in the fields of technology, social innovation, sustainability, life science, art, culture, creativity, gender gap e diversity.

We promote networking. The association is open to any type of persons who desires to contribute on a voluntary basis to reach the common goals. The associates (males and females) represent the excellence in different fields of entrepreneurship, public administration, research, University and media.


We develop projects. From 2008 to present the Association has created and developed 44 projects and 80 events (with more than 12.000 participants) establishing important partnerships with private and public companies.

Women&Technologies® 2008-2020” is one of the most important projects created by the Association with the target to increase the value of women in all of the economic and industrial fields. In 2016 the Association has organized 9 international conferences, 14 talk-events. Special attention is devoted to scientific information and production of best practices.

The “Le Tecnovisionarie®” award:  to celebrate visionary women, capable of “inventing the future” through a positive, innovative, sustainable, and ethic vision. From 2008 to present in 10 editions the award has collected 900 mentions and delivered 84 prizes.

“Future Camp Europe”: 2017 is the edition of the event, dedicated to orient young people to the new jobs of the future and make them able to approach the national and international competition.

We Communicate through a new portal that is one of the major instruments of cross-media communication www.womentech.eu  and through the most important social networks, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Over the years the Association has involved 250 members of Italian and international Universities, research centers labs and scientific departments, public and private companies, 350 speakers from 16 different countries, 6.000 participants, 300 press people, 80.000 visitors, 120.000 referrals, 380.000 views and 5.000 social contacts.

Why joining Women & Technologies

  • Be part of an important network
  • Obtain the appropriate visibility
  • Believe in a cultural philanthropy
  • Cultivate the concept of solidarity among the associates



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